Discover the future of the smart home with HELTUN. Since 2016, we have been revolutionizing home comfort control with our HELTUN heating and fan coil thermostats. Engineered for various heating and air conditioning units, these stylish devices offer unparalleled style and user experience. Our innovation continues with the HELTUN Wall Touch Panel Switch, enabling wireless control of up to 90 devices through five relays. With distribution in 30 countries worldwide, HELTUN is driving the future of smart homes, solving adoption barriers, and enhancing the user experience for homeowners. Experience the next generation of home automation with HELTUN.

HELTUN products are now compatible with Hubitat

Unlock the next level of home automation with HELTUN's cutting-edge product range, now seamlessly compatible with the Hubitat Elevation hub. Hubitat Elevation offers an all-encompassing smart home experience, empowering users to craft and control personalized automated scenes for themselves and their families. This integration grants direct control of HELTUN's thermostats and switches through the Hubitat app, streamlining your smart living.

HELTUN boasts a collection of 9 exquisitely designed smart thermostats and switches that combine a remarkably thin profile with unmatched intelligence. With an array of features, these devices redefine the market standards.

Committed to delivering superior, forward-compatible smart home solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing systems, our product line encompasses a range of innovations. From Touch Panel Switches to Heating and Fan Coil Thermostats, as well as 5-relay smart switches and 2-in-1 High Load Switches with Thermostat Functions, HELTUN caters to diverse needs. Every HELTUN device holds Z-Wave Plus® v2 certification and incorporates a 700-series chip, ensuring top-tier security and enhanced encryption through the S2 framework."

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