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Lithe Audio is the brand of choice for a diverse range of customers, including consumers, DIY enthusiasts, builders, developers, interior designers, commercial property developers, and hotels. Our exceptional products cater to both commercial and residential applications, making us the top choice for all your AV solutions. With a strong presence in leading home and technology publications, Lithe Audio has earned a reputation as a trusted and popular brand for ceiling speakers worldwide. Experience the quality and innovation of Lithe Audio and elevate your audio experience to new heights.

Lithe Audio   Wireless Wi-Fi Ceiling Speaker

 Fill your home with sound using the Lithe Audio  All-in-one Wireless Wi-Fi Ceiling Speaker. Designed to deliver high-quality multi-room streaming from AirPlay 2 or Google Chromecast.

The Lithe Audio  All-in-one Wireless Wi-Fi Ceiling Speaker combines an amplifier, wireless connectivity and ceiling speaker in a single, compact, easy-to-install unit. Just power up from any lighting circuit or simply plug in, link to your Phone or tablet, and feel the satisfaction of a high-quality ceiling listening experience. 

Lithe Audio Powered, Wireless Micro Subwoofer

 Are you looking for a big impact from a compact sub-woofer? the Lithe Audio Powered, Wireless Micro Subwoofer is perfectly equipped for the job.

With Chromecast and Apple AirPlay2 and connects wirelessly to your Lithe multi-room audio system or other compatible setups and adds bass to your music.

One great thing about the micro sub is how quick and easy it is to set up just plug it in and sync it to your home Wi-Fi network and group it with any existing speakers.  

As if plug and play were not easy enough, the Lithe Audio Powered, Wireless Micro Subwoofer works with any brand of GoogleCast speaker making it the ultimate companion subwoofer.

The Lithe Audio Powered, Wireless Micro  is an all-in-one solution that makes these unique speakers perfect for Kitchens, bedrooms, extensions, home offices and hotel rooms 

Multiroom Audio setup

 Do you want a sub for your multiroom audio setup? The Lithe Audio Powered, Wireless Micro Subwoofer is Setup the micro sub anywhere without the restrictions of speaker cable so is perfect to complement any multiroom audio music system. 

Ethernet Hardwired Connection

 Lithe Audio Powered, Wireless Micro Subwoofer has Data in and Data out for streamlined cable management and a rock-solid data connection so you don't have to rely on wifi. 

High Quality Audio

 Lithe Audio Powered Lithe Audio Powered, Wireless Micro Subwoofer,  Blends high power with 1x active and 2x radiator 4” drivers to deliver immersive bass with ease.



The all-in-one speakers draw power from your existing ceiling mains circuit or via a mains plug.


All the speakers are controlled via your phone, making music more accessible than ever.


We’ve got suitable speakers for any room, whether you want TV audio, music in the kitchen or even the bathroom or garden.


Deliver superb sound quality with pin-sharp quality using our woven glass fibre woofer cones and titanium tweeter







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