Discover Nice – Elevate your lifestyle with functional, stylish, and innovative products for seamless home automation. Experience ultimate comfort and freedom as you effortlessly navigate your living spaces. Explore our wide range of advanced electronics and attractive designs today.

Experience the seamless integration of Nice products with Yubii Home, now expanded to include Z-Wave™ connectivity. Nice's commitment to a barrier-free world is realized as it embraces the Z-Wave™ protocol—a wireless, RF-based technology for controlling, monitoring, and reading statuses in homes and businesses. With its widespread global adoption, Z-Wave™ is a pioneer in wireless control, offering affordable, dependable, and user-friendly 'smart' solutions that enhance daily life.


Enhance your well-being with Yubii Home, the heart of your smart home journey. Unveil a realm of comfort and security for your family through this intelligent hub. Manage an array of smart devices effortlessly—Yubii Home receives sensor data, processes it, and initiates tailored actions.
 Yubii Home serves as a central hub, enabling seamless integration and control of various elements including swing gates, sliding gates, garage doors, road barriers, sun awnings, shutters, blinds, and alarm systems. Elevate your living experience with Nice and Yubii Home—a fusion of innovation and convenience.

Feel NICE with evolved and customizable ecosystem, the only limit is your imagination. Be open to the future and be smart with Nice Bundle:

Nice Lighting Pack (Yubii Home Gateway, Nice Dimmer - Control, Nice On/Off - Control, Nice Motion - Control) - based on the movements detected to save energy and never be in the dark. 

Nice Climate (Yubii Home Gateway, Nice Heat - Control & Temp - Control) - manage consumption correctly, the boiler can be regulated according to room temperature.

Nice Safety (Yubii Home Gateway, Nice Smoke Control, Nice CO-Control, Nice Flood-Control) - protects you from invisible danger, if high concentrations of carbon monoxide are detected in the air, the ventilation will be activated. Detects the presence of water and smoke in unexpected places and sends a signal to close the valve.
Nice Extras (Yubii Home Gateway, Nice Door/Window Control, Nice Smart - Control, Nice/Fibaro Plug - Control) - even when you're away you can easily control doors, windows, and plugs for your family's safety. 

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