Retrotouch Switches & Sockets

 Retrotouch is a UK company that designs and manufactures innovative switches &sockets for consumers, interior designers, and developers. Founded in 2008, we are a team of designers and engineers.

The consumer range is designed for the homeowner who wants the utmost in modern sophistication at a price which is affordable and easy installation and with design a priority.

Retrotouch products don’t require expensive and time-consuming rewiring or complicated installations, and thanks to the continuity of the ranges, you can start small and add over time.

With touch glass panels and surrounds, the switches and sockets bring a stylish finish to a room and give you the power to create ambience and mood lighting wherever and whenever you wish.

There’s no need for expensive controllers and transmitters as all Retrotouch’s light switches have the technology already built-in.


 Retrotouch, the innovative UK lighting solutions brand, has become an official supplier of Philips Hue compatible smart switches, providing consumers with a beautifully -designed ‘always-on experience for effortless control over their Philips Hue lighting.


 Retrotouch Crystal Touch Light Switches are available in 1 to 3 gang options. With backlit LED touch areas, you can easily locate your switches at night. This model is available in four different colours and can be linked to 1-3 lights - whether you’re refurbishing or renovating, your interior will be brought up to date with our touch-sensitive switches.

The Retrotouch Crystal Touch Light Switch's unique design features large easy-to-use switches, framed by an elegant combination of glass or glass with chrome trim. But that’s not all, Retrotouch goes that extra mile and brings this together in a package that’s so streamlined there isn’t a screw in sight!


Retrotouch Crystal Wi-Fi Shutter Switches are smart wifi shutter switches and are available in four different colours and have backlit LED indicators

built-in so you can easily locate your switches at night. Whether you are refurbishing or renovating, make your home smarter and up-to-date with our

touch-sensitive shutter switches.


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