Upgrade your smart home with the all-in-one Rithum Switch.

This sleek smart switch combines lighting, audio, and climate control into a single touchscreen device. Set the perfect ambiance without the need for a phone or app. Simply replace your existing light switch with the Rithum Switch, no rewiring required. Its user-friendly on-screen setup makes customization a breeze. Enjoy seamless WiFi connectivity for fast and reliable control of your entire smart home. Experience a smarter and more efficient living environment with the Rithum Switch

Rithum Switch Simple Light Scenes

The scenes screen gives you access to your most used presets. Control one room or the whole house at the touch of a button. Select up to eight of your most used scenes to show on the scenes screen.

Rithum Switch Easy Audio Control

The audio screen gives you access to your favourite music services. A responsive interface presents the simple, quick actions you need most often. Designed for quick and easy control of the most used actions.

Rithum Switch Quick Climate Control

Using Rithum Switch’s built in temperature sensor, Rithum Stat offers a full suite of climate control functions out-of-the-box*. The climate screen allows you to see the current temperature, manually adjust the set point, select the zone and pause or resume the schedule. It also offers  control of other heating integrations such as Fibaro Climate or Tado.

*Requires relay with Philips Hue bridge integration (support for other integration relays coming soon)

Rithum Switch Supports Standby Gestures

When the screen is in standby, a short hold toggles the lights or a double tap gets your music playing. Rithum Switch’s standby gestures mean you can get up and running as quickly as possible. Just setup which room you want to toggle with the hold gesture. The double tap gesture will play/pause the last selected audio zone.


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