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BiDi - Shutter

BiDi - Shutter

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Introducing BiDi-Shutter: Intelligent Control for a Seamless Home Experience

Revolutionize the way you interact with your home's mechanical tubular motors with the remarkable BiDi-Shutter by Nice. Seamlessly integrate these motors into your smart home system without the need for a gateway, thanks to its impressive capabilities. Enjoy effortless management using both unidirectional transmitters and without the hassle of additional components.

Smart Programming BiDi-Shutter is a testament to intelligent design. Effortlessly program and fine-tune limit switches directly from your transmitter. Perform two complete maneuvers to ensure continuous automatic calibration during operation, maintaining precision and efficiency.

Enhanced Control and Convenience BiDi-Shutter introduces a new dimension of control. Configure two intermediate positions for your rolling shutters or Venetian blinds, including a unique "well-being" position that promotes optimal air exchange within the room.

Compact and Versatile Designed for practicality, BiDi-Shutter can be conveniently installed in junction boxes, wall plates, or motor boxes. Its wired input capability allows you to manage multiple tubular motors, either through wall switches or integration into your Building Management System.

Backward Compatibility and Seamless Transition Upgrade with ease. Transition from the TT2N unidirectional control unit to BiDi-Shutter without replacing your transmitter. Connected devices retain functionality, allowing for smooth control transitions even without a gateway.

Extend Your Reach Experience the power of Nice Mesh technology. BiDi-Shutter extends the radio range to an impressive 150 meters (max. 5 Hops) under optimal conditions. Notably, each bidirectional product acts as a radio signal repeater, expanding signal coverage throughout your space.

Elevate your home's automation with BiDi-Shutter—where intelligent programming, enhanced control, and versatile integration redefine your living experience. Welcome the future of smart home motor management.


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    With BiDi-Shutter you can:

    • Control the connected motors individually, in groups or in scenarios.
    • Reduce energy waste by controlling consumption and managing electrical loads.
    • Check automation status.
    • Use Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri Shortcuts voice commands to control the connected automations.
    • Manage the devices remotely via smartphone, smartwatch or car infotainment.


    Power supply (VAC/Hz): 100–240, 50/60
    Rated load current (A): 2
    Type of load supported: single-phase AC
    Radio frequency (Mhz): 433.05–434.04
    Max. transmitted power (dBm): 10
    Protection class (IP): 20
    Operating temperature (°C Min/Max): 0–35
    Dimensions (mm): 45 x 36 x 23 h