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BiDi - Zwave

BiDi - Zwave

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The BiDi-ZWave interface serves as a means to seamlessly integrate Nice Gate & Door automation systems with external devices that adhere to the Z-Wave™ technology standard. This includes products like the FIBARO branded smart home solutions from the Nice group. An example of this integration is with the Home Center 3 gateway, a contemporary and dependable device that empowers you to effortlessly oversee your entire home using a single button press, gesture, or voice command.

Leveraging the capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT), this gateway proposes various options for employing Nice automations tailored to your preferences. For instance, it can prompt your smartphone to inquire whether you want to open the gate when you access the front door. Moreover, it enables remote control of your home automations through voice assistants, regardless of your location. Additionally, it can issue alerts if the sensors linked to the gateway detect a situation that calls for automation activation.

By integrating Z-Wave™ products from the Nice group into your smart home ecosystem, you're effectively enhancing its capabilities. This enhancement follows a modular approach, allowing you to gradually expand your smart home over time. This means that you can incorporate new elements into existing applications whenever your needs evolve.

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  • Easy Installation: Plug-and-play interface, no programming needed.
  • App Integration: Utilize the app and home's Z-Wave gateway to access features.
  • IoT Functions: The app provides suggested actions based on gathered user habits.
  • Voice Control: Manage automations using voice commands.
  • Diagnostic Support: Receive automation diagnostics and maintenance assistance.
  • Anomaly Reporting: Report anomalies or problems and receive suggested measures to address them.


Power supply: 24V supplied by the control unit to which the IBT4ZWAVE is connected.
Current consumption (mA): maximum 50
Radio transmission (MHz): 868.0 - 868.6 / 869.7 - 870.0
Antenna cable length (m): 1 / 3
Protection class (IP): 40
Operating temperature (°C Min/Max): -20 - +50
Dimensions (mm): 37x 28xh21
Weight (g): 10