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Doorbird A1101 IP Video Indoor Station

Doorbird A1101 IP Video Indoor Station

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A1101 IP Video Indoor Station - Black

The DoorBird IP Video Indoor Station is an ideal addition to any DoorBird system. When paired with our DoorBird IP Video Door Intercom, the Indoor Station delivers a live video stream, two-way audio communication as well as control of doors and gates.

The Indoor Station is compact and designed to complement any environment. The DoorBird Indoor Station has a touch display made of scratch-resistant tempered Gorilla® glass with an intuitive user interface. It also includes configurable hard buttons with clear symbols for common functions. This makes the operation

• intuitive and comfortable

• easy-to-use for every age group

• even with gloves on possible

Individual chime alerts can be selected for multiple DoorBird Door Intercoms to indicate from which entry the visitor is calling. When the DoorBird Door Intercom is rung, an LED light at the bottom of the Indoor Station flashes a visual alert. The colour of the LED light can be customized for multiple DoorBird Door Intercoms. In less than 10 minutes the installation of the Indoor Station is completed.

*** There is no limitation on the number of A1101 units that can be paired to a door station. There are limitations on the number of concurrent streams that can be sent. If more than two steams are used, the stream will be opened via the Cloud, this can cause latency depending on the network infrastructure. Consider turning off the "show live image when ringing" function if more than two indoor stations are being used. For further information please visit Invision UK Knowledge Base. ***

EAN # : 4260423872677

Mfr. Part #: 423872677


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Benefits via IP

  • Door opener and elevator control
  • Visitor history (free Cloud Recording)
  • Room to room communication, when using several Indoor Stations
  • SIP support, e.g. for the concierge or facility manager calls
  • Weather forecast display
  • Home and building automation control (IP, TCP, HTTPS, relays etc.)
  • Configurable via the DoorBird Appworldwide

Intuitive User Interface

  • 4“ True Color Touch Display
  • Scratch-resistant tempered Gorilla® glass

Two-way Audio Communication

  • HD Audio, up to 102 dB
  • More than 50 doorbell sounds are available

Compact Housing

  • 5 hardware buttons for main functions
  • Configurable RGB LED status bar

Ulimited Range

  • Supports WiFi, Ethernet, PoE
  • Support for multiple DoorBird IP Video Door Stations