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Doorbird A1121 Surface Mount

Doorbird A1121 Surface Mount

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A1121 Surface Mount

The DoorBird A1121 is a compact, IP-based multi-technology access system that can also be installed as a stand-alone solution. It enables secure access control in areas where the installation of an IP video door station is not possible or desired, e.g. at back and side doors, garages and underground garages, storage and packing rooms or bicycle and machine rooms. It can also control elevators. The keypad is illuminated, so you can install the device even in an unlit environment. Thanks to its compact shape, the device can be easily installed on a door frame. The access control device is also ideal if you wish to create one-time or temporary access codes for visitors

The device is designed for indoor and outdoor installation. The retrofit version is available for existing front panels. Our front panel is made of solid 3 mm (0.12 in) brushed stainless steel. All buttons are backlit.The DoorBird A1121 can be connected to the network via WLAN or LAN cable. If connected using a network cable, the device can be powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE). Should the Internet temporarily fail, all functions continue to operate within the local network.

Apart from the network connection and power supply (PoE or 15 VDC), no further hardware is required. The software for the IP access control solution runs within the device. The DoorBird A1121 is equipped with two relays and has a configurable Wiegand output interface for integration into an existing access control or alarm system. Using HTTP(S) calls, you can also integrate the device with third-party home and building automation systems.

You can define individual schedules, validities and actions for each PIN code, RFID transponder, etc. By pairing the DoorBird IP access control device with our DoorBird IP I/O Door Controller A1081, up to three additional gates, doors or elevators can be controlled in a tamperproof way, even if they are not located near the device. The integrated tamper sensor can detect that the device is being removed and, for example, send a push message as an alarm in real-time.

EAN # : 4260423872028

Mfr. Part #: 423872028

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Three separate access control devices combined:

  • Keypad 125 KHz
  • 13.56 MHz RFID Reader
  • Keypad


Two freely configurable bistable switching relays

Wiegand interface

Manipulation sensor

RFID sensor

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE):

  • For access control, compatible external sensors and smart locks