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DoorBird cooperates only with the best of its class: Our fingerprint reader is equipped with the technology of Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints™) – the world’s leading biometrics company, with its roots in Sweden. Fingerprints™ technology is found in hundreds of millions of devices and applications and is used billions of times daily, providing safe and convenient identification and authentication with a human touch. The solution by DoorBird brings together superior biometric performance and security, a high standard of quality components and a capacitive touch sensor for our IP door stations and IP access control units.

The enrollment of a new fingerprint is done comfortably via App or our web-based dashboard available at A fingerprint can also be deleted remotely in real-time in case the access has to be revoked. Using our fingerprint reader, you can restrict access authorization to specific days and times. This way, you determine who can enter your home or building and when. You can also define individually per fingerprint which action should be executed, e.g. trigger relay 1 or relay 2, trigger an IP I/O door controller, call an HTTP(s) URL, arm or disarm an alarm system, open a smart lock or trigger a building automation system event.

Our fingerprint reader is especially designed for areas exposed to strong outdoor weather conditions, e.g. heat and cold, and does not lose its functionality. To ensure error-free detection, the sensor surface must be dry and clean. The touch sensor is effectively superior to line-based readers in terms of security, comfort and speed and allows a lower installation height.


EAN # : 4260423872264

Mfr. Part #: 423872264

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  • Touch sensor
  • Configurable via App or web-based dashboard
  • Status LED (RGB)
  • Fully integrated into DoorBird IP Video Door Stations
  • 1,000 times more secure than a 4-digit keypad PIN code
  • Manipulation prevention system
  • Event history with time stamp
  • No more misplaced, forgotten, lost or stolen keys possible
  • No unauthorized use of PIN codes or RFID key fobs is possible, a fingerprint is unique per person
  • Personalized time frames and actions
  • Supported number of fingerprints (template storage): 50
  • Compatible with DoorBird IP Video Door Stations of the D21x and D11x series