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FIBARO Door / Window Sensor

FIBARO Door / Window Sensor

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Door/Window Sensor 2 is a wireless, battery powered, Z-Wave Plus compatible magnetic contact sensor. Changing the device’s status will automatically send signal to the Z-Wave controller and associated devices.

Sensor can be used to trigger scenes and wherever there is a need for information about opening or closing of doors, windows, garage doors, etc. Opening is detected by separating the sensor’s body and the magnet.

In addition the FIBARO Door/Window Sensor 2 is equipped with a built-in temperature sensor.
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The most compact size

The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor is the best designed and the smallest contact and temperature sensor available on the market. Its miniature dimensions and unusual lightness makes it almost invisible on your window frames and doors.


  • Compatibility: Works with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ Controller.
  • Security: Supports AES-128 encryption in protected mode.
  • Device Interaction: Compatible with other Z-Wave devices but doesn't route signals.
  • Open/Close Detection: Detects door/window openings through separation of sensor parts.
  • Temperature Sensing: Includes a built-in temperature sensor.
  • Tamper Detection: Alerts if it's detached or opened without authorization.
  • Easy Installation: Simple mounting on doors, windows, gates, or roller blinds.
  • Battery-Powered: Operates on battery.
  • Visual Indicator: Uses LED lights to signal device status.

Technical Data

  • Power supply: 3.6V DC battery
  • Battery type: ER14250 (1/2AA)
  • Battery life: est. 2 years (default settings)
  • EU directives compliance: RED 2014/53/EURoHS 2011/65/EU
  • Radio protocol: Z-Wave (500 series chip)
  • Radio frequency: 868.4 MHz EU;908.4 MHz US;921.4 MHz ANZ;869.0 MHz RU;
  • Radio transmit power: up to 2 dBm (EIRP)
  • Range: up to 50m (164ft) outdoorsup to 40m (131ft) indoors(depending on terrain and building structure)
  • Destined environment: Indoor use only
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C (32-104°F)
  • Temperature measuring range: 0-60°C (32-140°F)
  • Temperature measuring accuracy: ±0.5°C (±0.9°F)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 71 x 18 x 18 mm(2.8 x 0.7 x 0.7 inch)