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Honeywell Home Wireless Thermostat (Lightwave Compatible)

Honeywell Home Wireless Thermostat (Lightwave Compatible)

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This version of the DTS92E wireless room thermostat can be paired directly to the Link Plus hub just like any other Smart Series device. Using the 'Call for Heat' automation, the DTS92E can trigger any Lightwave device based on the current/target temperature of a room (examples: a Smart Heating Switch attached to a boiler, a Smart Socket with an electric heater plugged into it, or an L83 relay controlling your underfloor heating).

Using this thermostat in conjunction with the Lightwave L92 Smart Heating Switch allows smart control of a single heating system component such as a boiler, electric panel heater, pump or zone valve.  These devices communicate on 868MHz RF for reliable 2-way communication, allowing high-performance control, energy-efficiency, easy setup and communications check features.

Please Note: Lightwave Link Plus hub is required for app & voice control.

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