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Lightwave RF

Lightwave 1 Gang Smart Dimmer - White

Lightwave 1 Gang Smart Dimmer - White

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Step into the future of home illumination with Lightwave Smart Dimmers. These state-of-the-art devices elevate your conventional switches, offering an enriched smart home control experience. Transition from the mundane to the modern, replacing typical switches with an intelligent lighting solution. With Lightwave Smart Dimmers, not only do you gain enhanced control but also the perks of increased comfort and energy conservation. Illuminate your world smarter.

Please Note: LED lamps must be dimmable. Lightwave Link Plus hub is required for app & voice control. Optional 10mm spacer included for shallow back boxes.

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  • Remote Control: Manage and monitor your lights from anywhere, whether at home or on the go.
  • Energy Insights: Analyze energy consumption patterns, monitor light usage, and make data-driven decisions to save on energy bills.
  • Voice Assistant Integration: Compatible with Siri (Apple HomeKit), Google Home, and Amazon Alexa for intuitive voice controls.
  • Custom Automations: Craft bespoke 'Automations' tailored to your lifestyle. Features include:
  1. Mimicking your presence to give a lived-in look.
  2. Using timers and scenes for automated control.
  3. Creating a master switch for the entire house.
  • Easy Transition: Replace conventional light switches with Lightwave Smart Dimmers without needing additional wiring.
  • Simple Setup: Pair the dimmer to the Link Plus hub via the Lightwave app (available on iOS and Android) to access advanced smart home controls.


The latest range of Lightwave dimmer switches have been purpose designed by specialist engineers in the UK to work with dimmable LEDs. Our dimmers are some of the most versatile and compatible on the market, and they have built-in automatic calibration technology to be able to adjust and adapt to as many LEDs as possible. The dimming range can also be manually adjusted to add further compatibility, as some LEDs may flicker at high or low ranges. We have also designed our dimmers to adapt to changing technology, and we are making constant adjustments using tailored firmware updates to refine their performance.


  • GU10
  • E27
  • B22
  • E14