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Lightwave RF

Lightwave Smart Mini Relay LP82

Lightwave Smart Mini Relay LP82

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This Smart Relay is an incredibly versatile device that allows for the remote control of volts-free or mains electrical circuits (max 500W load). As a result, automatic curtain openers, doors, gates, and lighting circuits can all be controlled via the Lightwave App. Each Smart Relay can also be voice-controlled using Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

This Relay presents a very useful way of controlling LED strip lighting. This can act as part of a wider lighting scene in conjunction with Lightwave Smart Sockets and Dimmers which can be triggered by a single button press or the App.

The Smart Relay can also be situated outdoors by utilizing the Lightwave LW824 Waterproof Housing. This allows it to control outdoor features such as garden lighting, pond pumps, or automatic gate openers.

Please Note: Apple HomeKit does not support 'Open/Stop/Close'. In HomeKit, the L82 can be used as an 'On/Off' device only. This Relay requires the Link Plus hub for app & voice control.

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