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Lightwave Smart Plug-in with Energy Monitoring LP40

Lightwave Smart Plug-in with Energy Monitoring LP40

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This is the UK's most advanced smart plug-in. With impeccable wireless range, this plug-in turns any standard socket into a smart socket and allows it to become part of your wider Lightwave system. Built-in energy monitoring is ideal for checking all of the appliances around your home to identify how and when you can save energy through Lightwave automations. You can even get push notifications to your mobile phone if something gets unplugged or starts to pull too much power (like an open refrigerator door).

As the UK's smallest 13-amp smart plug-in, the LP40's compact design means you can easily plug it in behind a cabinet, bed or bookshelf, and it won't block a double socket. Don't let its modest appearance fool you, this is one of the best engineered and most robust products we've ever designed.

  • Smart home control for lamps, appliances, heaters and more
  • The UK’s smallest 13-amp smart plug-in
  • Built-in energy monitoring
  • Use anywhere in your home: plug into an existing ‘dumb’ socket
  • Wireless range: open-field tested to 650m (1.3km device-to-device) - This is the best wireless range of any smart plug-in on the market 
  • Physical switch button, doubles as on/off LED indicator
  • Voice-control compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri through the Apple HomeKit platform
  • Create timers, scenes, triggers and other automations

Please Note: Lightwave Link Plus hub is required for app & voice control.

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