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Lightwave RF

Lightwave Smart Relay (3 Gang) LP83

Lightwave Smart Relay (3 Gang) LP83

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The Lightwave Smart Relay (3-gang) allows for the remote control of three separate mains electrical circuits (max 3500W total load). As a result, each circuit can be controlled independently via the Lightwave App and Link Plus hub. Each Smart Relay can also be voice-controlled using Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

Please Note: Lightwave Link Plus hub is required for app & voice control.

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  • Versatile LED Control: The Smart Relay is a practical solution for controlling LED strip lighting. It can be integrated into broader lighting scenes, working alongside Lightwave Smart Sockets and Dimmers.
  • Seamless Integration: Creates a synchronized lighting experience where Smart Sockets, Dimmers, and the Smart Relay respond to a single button press, app command, or voice instruction.
  • Outdoor Usage: The Smart Relay's capabilities extend outdoors through the use of the Lightwave LW823 Waterproof Housing. This combination allows control of outdoor elements like garden lighting and pond pumps.
  • Product Dimensions:(H)60mm x (W)90mm x (D)50mm