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Lightwave RF

Lightwave Smart Relay with Switch Sense Input LP81

Lightwave Smart Relay with Switch Sense Input LP81

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Switch Sense Input allows you to trigger Lightwave and third-party automation from these non-smart devices:

  • Standard light switch (Toggle Mode in the app)
  • Push Button Switch (Retractive Mode in the app)
  • Pull-cord switch in bathrooms
  • The following devices must have a switched line out:
    • Smoke detector
    • Heat sensor
    • Wired motion sensor
    • Legacy control systems
    • Diverter valve position

Voice-control compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri through the Apple HomeKit platform. (Link Plus and Internet connection required for app/voice control)

Smart Relay works as a normal On/Off relay for non-dimmable loads up to 700W, suitable for a 6 amp circuit.

The switched circuit can be mains powered or volts free (low voltage). Mains power can also be taken from the Relay itself to power the circuit (see wiring instructions for more information).

Switch Sense Input must be used for 230V AC mains power and must be treated as mains voltage at all times. If using the LP81 with any input below 230v, the peripheral device is at risk.

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