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Nice BiDi - Switch

Nice BiDi - Switch

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Introducing BiDi-Switch: Elevate Your Home Control with Smart Efficiency

Discover the future of light and electrical load management with the innovative BiDi-Switch by Nice. Seamlessly integrate your lighting and electrical devices into your smart home system, all without requiring a gateway and perfectly compatible with unidirectional transmitters.

Streamlined Convenience and Benefits BiDi-Switch brings unparalleled ease to your space. Effectively manage all room lights using a single device—no need to replace switches or invest in smart bulbs. Experience the convenience of comprehensive control without the complexity.

Compact and Practical Design Designed to fit seamlessly into most recessed boxes, BiDi-Switch delivers efficiency in a compact package. Enjoy the added convenience of regulating your devices with a timer, allowing you to program auto-off settings for enhanced efficiency.

Seamless Transition Upgrade effortlessly. Replace your TT2L unidirectional control unit with BiDi-Switch and retain the functionality of your existing transmitter. Control connected devices with ease, even without the need for a gateway.

Enhanced Coverage with Nice Mesh Technology BiDi-Switch leverages the power of Nice Mesh technology, extending the radio range up to an impressive 150 meters (max. 5 Hops) under optimal conditions. Each bidirectional product amplifies signal coverage as a radio signal repeater, ensuring communication throughout your space.

Experience the future of home control with BiDi-Switch—where simplicity, efficiency, and enhanced coverage redefine how you manage lights and electrical loads. Embrace the next level of smart living for your home.

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With BiDi-Switch you can:
• Control the connected devices in your home
individually, in groups or in scenarios.
• Reduce energy waste by controlling consumption and managing electrical loads.
• Check device status.
• Control their functions by creating personalized scenarios, including via the alarm system.
• Use Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri Shortcuts voice commands to turn the connected devices on and off.
• Manage the devices remotely via smartphone,
smartwatch or car infotainment with the Yubii
or MyNice apps.


Power supply (VAC/Hz): 100–240, 50/60
Rated load current (A): 6.5 A per channel, 10 A combined
Type of load supported: resistive
Radio frequency (Mhz) 433.05–434.04
Max. transmitted power (dBm): 10
Protection class (IP): 20
Operating temperature (°C Min/Max): 0–35
Dimensions (mm): 45 x 36 x 23 h