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Nice Flood-Control

Nice Flood-Control

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Flooding and temperature sensor

The LED indicator and audible alarm are designed to promptly notify the user in case of flooding, while the tilt sensor is responsible for indicating any movement or tipping of the device. When a water leak is detected, and the system incorporates solenoid valves, it will automatically cut off the water supply, thus mitigating potential damage from the malfunction.

Furthermore, the LED can serve the purpose of field testing within the Z-Wave network.

Power options for the device include both battery and cable (12/24 VDC) connections.

The Flood-Control device is designed to float on the water's surface, effectively preventing it from being submerged.

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  • Compatible with Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus control systems.
  • Unique design.
  • Flooding detection and acoustic warning.
  • Battery or VDC powered.
  • Communicates with the Z-Wave network or an alarm system via cable.
  • With wireless update capability.


Power supply 12 - 24 VDC
Battery type: CR123A (included)
Maximum voltage at output terminals: 24 VDC / 20 VAC
Complies with: European standards RED 2014/53/EU - RoHS 2011/65/EU
Operating temperature (°C Min/Max): 0 - 40
Temperature measurement range (°C Min/Max): -20 - 100
Precise temperature measurement. (°C): 0.5 (within 0 - 40 range)
Radio protocol: Z-Wave (500 series)
Radio frequency (MHz): 868.4, 869.85 (EU) / 908.4, 916.0 MHz (US) / 921.4, 919.8 MHz (ANZ) 869.0 MHz (RU)
Radio range (m): up to 40m (depending on building structure)
Dimensions (mm): 72 Ø x 28 h