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Nice Plug - Control (E)

Nice Plug - Control (E)

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The Plug-Control presents itself as an intelligent socket, accessible in both E-type and F-type variants. This innovative smart plug for electrical appliances features the ability to gauge energy consumption while granting the convenience of remote On/Off control for devices with a power output of up to 2.5 kW.

Enhancing user experience, the plug incorporates a built-in LED ring that displays the current power consumption level, denoted by a dedicated color.

Designed to harmonize with the majority of plug-in electrical devices, the Plug-Control emerges as a premier universal smart home component. Notably, it stands as the market's smallest plug, boasting a sleek and modern design, dedicated to managing a wide range of appliances.
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  • Z-Wave Compatibility: Compatible with Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus control systems.
  • Security Support: Supports Security Mode with AES-128 encryption for Z-Wave network security.
  • Energy Consumption Display: Displays energy consumption level with color change and LED ring.
  • Microprocessor Control: Utilizes microprocessor control for precision.
  • Compact Size: Considered the world's smallest device of its kind.


Power supply: 230V AC, 50/60Hz
Rated load (continuous load): Resistive load 13A, Incandescent loads: 8A
Rated voltage pulse (kV): 1.5
Maximum peak current: 80A (20ms)
For use with: G-type sockets BS 1363
ICE protection class: Class I
Operating temperature (°C Min/Max): 0 - 40
Radio protocol: Z-Wave (500 series)
Radio frequency (MHz): 868.4, 868.42 or 869.8
Radio range (m): up to 40m (depending on building structure)
Dimensions (mm): 56 x 56 x 58.5