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Nice Yubii Home Gateway

Nice Yubii Home Gateway

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Experience the future of smart living with Yubii Home by Nice. Seamlessly integrating an array of sensors, interfaces, and automation systems, Yubii Home takes control of your entire home environment. Unlock the power to effortlessly manage your heating, lighting, security, music, and more, all through simple commands. Monitor water leaks, CO levels, and fire detection with ease, ensuring a safe and comfortable haven.

Yubii Home Features & Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Integration: Compatible with numerous sensors, interfaces, and automation systems to control all home applications.
  • Safety & Security: Monitor water leaks, CO, and fire detection systems to keep your home safe.
  • Health-Focused: Offers humidity control, smart heating, air quality measurement, and alerts during dangerous situations.
  • Broad Compatibility: Works seamlessly with a wide range of third-party devices.
  • Eco-Friendly: Intelligent heating, lighting, and electrical load monitoring reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.
  • Maximized Comfort: Facilitates daily life through automatic scenarios, voice control, and remote device management.
  • Universal Connection: Connects technologies from Nice, FIBARO, and elero. Open to over 3,000 third-party devices via IP camera, 5 plugins, and Z-Wave and WiFi protocols.
  • Cost-Efficient: No need for new installations; Yubii Home integrates with existing systems for a comprehensive smart home solution.

 With Yubii Home, your life gets better!

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Compatible with:

  • Voice Assistant
  • Smart watch
  • car infotainment

It communicates via:

  • Nice Radio Protocol
  • Z-Wave protocol
  • WiFi protocol
  • elero Radio protoco