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Rithum now integrates with Tado heating & cooling systems providing quick adjustment for the whole family, without a smartphone. Simply purchase this plugin and follow the email link to install it onto your SmartSwitch Lite.

Tado is a smart home heating and cooling system that allows users to control their home's temperature and energy consumption from their smartphones or other smart devices.

Rithum is a platform that provides home automation and control solutions, and the Tado integration allows users to control their Tado heating and cooling systems using their Rithum SmartSwitch Lite. This integration provides quick and convenient adjustment of the home's temperature, without the need for a smartphone.

To use the integration, users need to purchase the Tado plugin for Rithum and follow the email link to install it onto their SmartSwitch Lite. Once installed, users can control their Tado heating and cooling systems directly from the SmartSwitch Lite, making it easy to adjust the temperature in their home and save energy.

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Topology with Tado

This plugin uses your Tado cloud account to communicate with your local devices via the cloud. This is alongside other systems that Rithum Switch might be integrated with through other plugins.

Effortless Climate Control

This plugin supports the climate screen which allows you to tweak your room or property just how you like it. A responsive interface presents the simple, quick actions you need most often. Designed for quick and easy control of the most used actions for the whole family.


Using the Tado plugin, you have control of the room’s set point at your fingertips. Effortlessly turn the room on or off; resume the existing schedule or tweak the set point to be just right.

Plugin Specifications

This plugin uses the cloud to communicate with your Tado system which means it relies on the internet to work. It is a premium plugin that supports the Climate screen.

Communication Type: Cloud

Screens Supported: Scenes

Plugin Type: Premium (one per switch)