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Ubiquiti POE-24-12W-G

Ubiquiti POE-24-12W-G

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Ubiquiti POE-24-12W-G

Please note a power cable is required for this unit, please select UBIPC60CMUK

Power over Ethernet Adapters

Product Overview

Device Protection

PoE Adapters are highly reliable, and when used with Ubiquiti TOUGHCable™, they provide earth grounding and surge protection to help protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD) events.

Convenient Wall-Mounting

The 24V, 0.5A models, POE-24-12W and POE-24-12W-G, are wall-mountable using the optional wall-mount brackets.

Seamless airGateway™ Compatibility

The 15V, 0.8A and 24V, 0.5A models, POE-15-12W, POE-24-12W and POE-24-12W-G, work with the airGateway™ to bridge airMAX® connections to Wi-Fi at customer locations.


• Output Voltage: 24VDC @ 0.5A.

• Gigabit LAN Port: Yes.

Mfr. Part #: POE-24-12W-G

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