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The Ubiquiti UDC-2 is a Direct Attach Copper Cable capable of 10Gbps
throughput at 1m in length. The Ubiquiti SFP+ passive cable assemblies
are high performance, cost effective I/O solutions for 10G Ethernet and
10G Fiber Channel applications (2M).

The Ubiquiti UDC-2 is a device controller product made by Ubiquiti Networks. It is designed to work with Ubiquiti's UniFi line of networking products, including switches, access points, and security gateways. The UDC-2 is a compact, low-power device that can be used to remotely manage and monitor UniFi devices in your network. It provides a centralized management interface for your network, and can be used to configure and update devices, view network status and statistics, and manage other aspects of your network. The UDC-2 is easy to set up and can be connected to your network via Ethernet, allowing for remote management of your UniFi devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Mfr. Part #: UDC-2
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10G SFP+ Direct Attach Passive Copper Cable

  • Connector: SFP+ to SFP+
  • Supported Data Rates: 10 Gbps
  • EQ: Passive
  • AWG: 30
  • Cable Length: 1 / 2 / 3 m (3.3 / 6.6 / 9.8 ft)
  • Jacket Color: Black
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 70° C (32 to 158° F)