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Zuma _Rithum Bundle (2 Speakers +1 Switch)

Zuma _Rithum Bundle (2 Speakers +1 Switch)

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How about your  Zuma lights and speakers being controlled by the easy-to-install and use  Rithum wall-mounted smart switch?

We have put together a bundle of 2 Zuma Lumisonic speakers and 1 Rithum switches to give you the ability to control your lights and music from the wall switch. 

With the Zuma Pro Plugin, Zuma users can adjust sound and lights from a Rithum Switch installed into a standard light switch fitting in their home.

Turn lights on and off, activate light scenes and circadian lighting, and utilise audio play actions like play, stop, mute, unmute, and volume control - all from Rithum’s easy to use interface.

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