How to Enjoy Speakers in Your Garden

How to Enjoy Speakers in Your Garden

Want to create the Perfect Outdoor Soundscape?



Summer is the perfect time to spend outdoors in the garden! With the warm sun and a gentle breeze, it's the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the outdoors. But why not add a little something extra to your garden? With outdoor speakers, you can enjoy your favourite music in your garden and have the perfect summer ambience.

 Whether you're hosting a pool party or having a casual barbecue, outdoor speakers can provide the perfect background music for your garden.


With a range of styles and sizes here at Smart Home express, you can find the perfect outdoor speakers for your needs. Choose from portable speakers that you can take with you wherever you go, to robust and durable speakers that can withstand the elements.

When thinking of installing speakers in the garden, you will need to decide if you want passive or active speakers.

Passive Outdoor speakers

Passive speakers are speakers that an amplifier to work, an example streaming amplifier is the Bluesound POWERNODE EDGE Streaming Amplifier . For more power, the Bluesound POWERNODE Streaming Amplifier is a great choice.

Examples of outdoor and garden passive speakers:

You can have rock-like speakers that blend with the garden like Bluecube Rock speakersLithe Audio passive outdoor Rock speakers or very sleek-looking speakers that look great in modern gardens such as the Gallo Acoustic Micro Habitat speakersGallo Acoustic A’Diva Habitat speakers

If you want all-out power a few pairs of BlueCude Outdoor speaker CXW-650-2 wall mounted speakers will do the trick.

Active Outdoor speakers.

Active speakers are speakers with built-in amplification, generally, an active speaker will need a power source or would have a battery pack.

Active garden speakers can come as Bluetooth enabled without a streamer; an example Bluetooth Active Garden speaker is the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Garden Speaker. 


Other active speakers come as a portable speakers with a built-in streaming amplifier, while these can be used in the garden, they are generally not weather or waterproof and shouldn’t be left outdoors unattended, An example of a portable speaker is the Bluesound PULSE M Wireless Multi-Room Music Streaming Speaker

Now that you are a garden speaker guru, why not indulge in a little shopping here?

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